Neuroscience Futures

Module code: BS3016

This module will bring to life the most recent and exciting neuroscience discoveries from key neuroscientists across the campus. We will explore the latest ideas about brain function, explain new methods and discuss the impact on society of this fascinating research. Nearly every day we hear news of a new development in neuroscience. Whether it’s a new drug, progress in brain repair, machine-brain interfaces or a deeper understanding of dementia or other neurological disease, these news items illustrate the wide public interest and the giant steps being taken in understanding the human brain.

You have spent two years building your knowledge of cellular and molecular mechanisms, in this module you will apply this knowledge and be guided to a deeper understanding of the neuroscience research that is being conducted at the University of Leicester. Each of your lecturers on this course will be helping you to understand their research speciality and teaching you how to ask the right questions when reading a research paper, so that you can judge the quality and veracity of neuroscience research in the future.

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