Applied Medical and Biological Sciences 1

Module code: BS1082

This is the first of four applied modules where key basic sciences are applied to and understanding of the body. In this module you will cover two main course elements:

Body Logistics

This element concerns tissue structure and function. Tissues are the integral parts of the organs of our body and an understanding of tissue structure and function is crucial to understanding the body systems that are covered later in the course. This part of the module will present, in a clinical context, the fundamental principles of the development, structure and specialisations of the tissues of the body and structure and organisation of cells, tissues, organs and body systems. Modern imaging techniques will also be used to demonstrate integration at all levels.

Population and Social Science

This part of the module will introduce you to the main concepts of population and social science as they relate to clinical sciences. You will be introduced to fundamental principles including:

  • Disease surveillance
  • Application of epidemiological data in managing healthcare
  • Environmental and occupational hazards
  • An introduction to global perspectives of health and disease
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