Biological Sciences: Molecules to Systems

Module code: BS0014

‘Biological Sciences: molecules to systems’ aims to explore the fundamental chemistry of biological molecules and how this relates to the synthesis and activity of biomolecules. During this module you will have the chance to examine the central aspects of the integration of molecular and cellular activity in organismal health and disease, across systems, organisms and populations. 

By engaging in these concepts you will gain a deeper understanding of how to apply basic quantitative data representation, exploration and statistical analyses in a biological context. This module will help you acquire study and practical skills to prepare you for working in the university environment.

Topics covered:

  • Basic biochemistry, chemical bonds
  • Redox, buffers and pH
  • Inherited change
  • Population genetics and evolution
  • Populations and ecosystems
  • Gene expression
  • Recombinant DNA technology
  • Current topics in molecular biology
  • Biomathematics and statistics
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