Module code: AR7527

This dissertation is an exciting opportunity for you to undertake a substantial, self-contained body of research on an approved topic of your choosing – allowing you to bring together all of the research and wider reading skills you have developed. You will gather data – field, archaeological and secondary data, and critically analyse these using the techniques and methods you have developed.

This project will give you the opportunity to build on the knowledge you have already acquired, or expand your learning even further in a subject you’ve always wanted to learn about, but haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Many of the topics that you can choose are inspired by the research interests and expertise of our staff.

Right from the start you will be able to discuss your ideas with a member of staff who will work closely with you to refine your topic, and will be happy to help guide your initial reading and shape your project around a workable question. You will have frequent one-to-one meetings with your supervisor, and they will offer advice and guidance throughout the project.

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