Archaeology and Heritage

Module code: AR3606

‘Heritage’ is a very powerful idea, and we will begin this module by thinking about what heritage actually is and what it means in the contemporary world.  While it might seem obvious that ‘heritage’ is to do with the past, in this module we will learn consider how heritage is deeply political and can have serious, and far-reaching impacts on the lives of individuals, communities, and even countries.  In the School of Archaeology and Ancient History our staff are carrying out cutting edge research in many different parts of the world, and they will present the heritage aspects of their work in order to explore some of the current debates and issues in heritage, and how we present the past to people today.  Case studies will cover archaeological heritages and impacts from the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, as well as Europe and elsewhere. 

This module will be assessed via an essay which will focus on a key heritage issue or debate, and a site report where you can select a heritage site to analyse and discuss in order to consider critical elements around the presentation of the past in the contemporary world.  
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