Research Bootcamp (online)

Module code: AR3602

How do we design a research project? What are the main elements that we should consider to ensure that our research is feasible, will produce the data we need, and is ethical and responsible? There are many elements to consider when planning, writing and undertaking research today. As archaeologists we may be involved in excavating irreplaceable archaeological materials, working in museums with material that is contested by various stakeholders, including indigenous communities, and sometimes working with living human participants. We may also be working with non-humans too. Modern multi-disciplinary archaeology is complex and exciting and to be successful requires us to engage many different skillsets. At the heart of it all, is research design. This is fundamental to all research work beginning with your dissertation and continuing in further study or in commercial work.

This module will explore key aspects of how we approach, design, and execute a research project. Learning materials consist of online lectures that draw attention to critical topics such as understanding research bias, ethical research methods, working with various stakeholder groups such as consent authorities, and local communities. We will also explore how to conceptualise and write a good research design. This is critical to any student going on to write their dissertation, partake in further study, or thinking of a career in commercial archaeology. 

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