Fieldschool (Self-organised)

Module code: AR2603

Fieldwork is one of the most fundamental, exciting, and rewarding parts of our discipline. We want to support you in experiencing that too. This module consists of one week’s practical work on an archaeological or heritage project of your choice, plus linked readings and assessment. If you are taking this module as part of the BA Archaeology, it is an alternative to our Fieldschool module AR2602. This is for you if you have a particular project or archaeological experience in mind, for which you will need to seek prior approval from our fieldwork coordinator. Our fieldwork coordinator can also support you in gaining and selecting a placement. Archaeology is a broad field and we support a variety of supervised fieldwork activities. This can include survey and excavation, post-excavation work such as finds processing, lab-work placements, and heritage and museum experience.

Learning material for this module includes live and recorded placement briefings, guided readings, training in archaeological skills, and support to get the most out of your placement. By the end of the module you will have developed an understanding of a range of professional archaeological skills, and gained experience working independently and as part of a team. You will also improve your research and academic skills along the way. In this module you will complete two different assessments: a portfolio reporting and reflecting on your placement experience, and a related essay.

If you are an Archaeology BA student in addition to the 1 week assessed fieldwork, you will need to complete 4 weeks of additional non-assessed fieldwork over the course of your studies. This will need to be approved by our fieldwork coordinator. If you are an Ancient History and Classical Archaeology student taking a fieldwork module as an option, you do not need to do any additional fieldwork.

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