Archaeology BCE

Module code: AR1602

How did we become human? In this level 1 module you will explore the deep evolutionary past of humanity right through to the emergence of the Roman Empire. We will learn about early technologies and the first artists. We will discuss the diverse adaptations of hunter-gatherer communities, and how and why people first began farming. Later learning activities cover monument-building to the development of metalworking skills and how the earliest states emerged. The geographic reach of the module is wide, spanning the spectacular archaeologies of Africa, India, and the Near East as well as Europe, Britain and Ireland. We will consider how people lived, how they ate, how they treated their dead, and how they organised their societies. By examining the complex worlds of the deep past we can open up new understandings of who we are in the present and the importance of looking at all societies in their historical, material and social context.

Learning material for this module includes recorded lectures, guided readings and exercises designed by our academics and delivered through our virtual learning environment. Not only will you get to grips with the deep past you will also improve your research and academic skills along the way. In this module you will complete two different assessments: a site study exploring a key site from the deep past and an essay that allows you to follow your interest in a particular aspect of the module that you found most engaging.

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