The Ancient World Beyond the Mediterranean

Module code: AH1012

  • Who were the neighbours of the Greeks and the Romans in antiquity?
  • What contacts were there between these societies and the Greco-Roman world?
  • How did Greeks and Romans think about these societies?

This module will explore the ancient world beyond the Greco-Roman Mediterranean, thinking more widely about the geographical and historical context of what we call ‘classical antiquity’. Through a series of lectures, you will be introduced to a range of peoples and cultures of the ancient world, from the Phoenicians to the Gauls, the Etruscans to the Egyptians. In the paired seminars, we will discuss Greco-Roman interactions with and representations of these groups.

Topics covered

  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Phoenicians
  • Mesopotamia (Babylonia and Assyria)
  • The Etruscans
  • Other Italic peoples
  • Iron Age Europe
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