The Leicester Medieval Research Centre

Current and recent research projects

Insular Manuscripts AD 650–850: Networks of Knowledge, Professor Joanna Story, Leverhulme Trust International Network (2016-19)

Flood and Flow: Place-names and the changing hydrology of river-systems, Dr Richard Jones, Leverhulme Trust Project Grant (2016-19)

Crusading and conciliarism, 1400-1500,Professor Norman Housley, Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship

The search for Richard III, Dr Richard Buckley, Dr Turi King, Dr Jo Appleby, Professor Kevin Schürer

Reconfiguring the Crusade in the Fifteenth Century: Goals, Agencies and Resonances, Professor Norman Housley, Leverhulme Trust International Network 

Violence in the Medieval Classroom, Dr Ben Parsons, AHRC Early Career Fellowship (2013)

Manuscripts Online: Written and Early Printed Culture from 1000 to 1500, Dr O Da Rold, JISC (with the universities of Sheffield, Glasgow, York, Birmingham and Queen's University Belfast)

Arabic science and philosophy in the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Shazia Jagot, CBRL (Council of British Research in the Levant), Visiting Research Scholarship (2011-12)

The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain: evidence, memories, inventions, Professor J Story (PI), Dr S James, Professor M Jobling, Professor S Brown, Dr P Shaw, Dr R Jones, Dr J Carroll (University of Nottingham), Dr T King (Project Manager), Leverhulme Trust research programme (2011-2016)

Heresy and Orthodoxy in the works of Bede, Dr Peter Darby, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-13)

Heaven and Earth in Anglo-Saxon England (c. 650-c. 1100): the social context of theology, Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes, Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship (2009-11)

HALOGEN: History, Archaeology, Linguistics, Onomastics and Genetics, Professor M Jobling (PI), Dr P Shaw, Professor J Story, with Dr J Carroll (University of Nottingham), JISC

Sense of Place in Anglo-Saxon England (SPASE), Dr R Jones, AHRC Network (Leicester, Durham, Nottingham)

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts, c. 1060-1220, Professor E Treharne, Dr O Da Rold and Dr T Kato, with Dr M Swan (University of Leeds), AHRC Research Grant

Roots of the British 1000 BC to AD 1000: Histories, Genetics and the Peopling of Britain, Dr J Story, Dr J Carroll, Dr S James and Professor M Jobling

Viking ancestry

Medieval history

  • The River Nile in the Western Imagination, Dr A Merrills
  • Carolingian Polyptyques, Dr J Story, Dr J Palmer, Dr R Mobbs and N Palmer MA, HEA funded
  • Charlemagne and the Epitaph of Pope Hadrian I, Dr J Story, AHRC and British Academy
  • Willibrord, Bede, and the Letters of Pope Honorius I, Dr J Story, British Academy, Neil Ker Memorial Fund

Medieval archaeology

  • The Whittlewood Project, Professor C Dyer and Dr R Jones 
  • Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture: Huntingdonshire; Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire, Professor R J Cramp (University of Durham) and Prof J Story, British Academy/AHRC, hosted at the University of Durham
  • Archaeology: Excavations at Ad Novas Cesenatico, Italy, Dr N Christie, D Sami, G Speed MA et al
  • Archaeology: Leicester Abbey, Dr J Story, J Bourne, R Buckley (publication)
  • Archaeology: St Margaret’s and St Peter’s churches, Leicester
  • Archaeology: Thorney Abbey, Cambridgeshire

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