Why study Medicine at Leicester?

  • We have outstanding facilities. Our main medical teaching building, the £42 million George Davies Centre, is a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly building that harnesses the very latest technology and resources, creating an outstanding learning environment for our medical students.

  • Our integrated course is patient-focused from the very beginning, with clinical attachments in each year of your studies, starting with Year 1.

  • All first year students are provided with iPads. Lecture and group work material is delivered directly onto these iPads enabling you to annotate during sessions. Content can also be rapidly revised and updated. All the resources you need will be at your fingertips.

  • Unlike many medical schools, we still believe that the best way to learn anatomy is through full body dissection. Our newly enhanced dissecting room benefits from the latest technology such as Apple TVs and video recording equipment.

  • Our Clinical Skills Unit offers high tech simulated manikins (iStan® and SimMan®) to enable you to practice procedures in a safe environment before having to perform them on patients.

  • Our curriculum includes training on the applications of digital technology to patient care, ensuring that your knowledge of the digital resources available is always up-to-date.

  • From the start of your third year, teaching is designed around extended clinical placements in hospitals or the community, allowing you to learn from those at the front line of their speciality.

  • We have many partnerships with hospitals in the region, from Leicester's big city hospitals to hospitals in Lincoln and Northampton, meaning you gain experience in a diverse range of environments.

  • You will be fully prepared to work as a Foundation Doctor. The last six months of the course is dedicated to preparing you to work in hospital and community environments, making the transition from student to doctor as seamless as possible.

  • We offer different ways to study for an intercalated degree, so you can choose one that suits your strengths and aspirations.

Offer Holder Day FAQs

Course Information

Does Leicester Medical School offer full cadaveric dissection?

Yes, each group of students has their own cadaver. As well as timetabled sessions in the dissection room, there are optional drop-in sessions. We also have an extensive collection of prosections and models and students can use the dissection room in their own time.

Watch a 360 degree video about our dissection facilities

Does Leicester Medical School run a problem-based learning (PBL) course?

Our course is not PBL but does offer many active learning opportunities. Group work is done in groups of 8-9 students and you will work together in that group on a daily basis through the first two years. Your group will have cadaveric practical sessions in the dissecting room, as well as practical sessions learning skills such as ECG and spirometry.

What hands-on practical experience will I get to develop my skills as a doctor?

In Phase 1 you will learn clinical skills including; history taking and physical examination skills. Our clinical skills unit allows you to learn techniques such as venepuncture in a safe setting.

In Phase 2, you are on full-time clinical placements learning from patients and clinicians. You will also have access to our state-of-the-art Simulation Centre, with its virtual wards, sophisticated simulation manikins and other equipment allowing a wide range of low to high fidelity simulation activity to be undertaken.

Where will my hospital placements be?

Your placements will be in the three main teaching hospitals in Leicester (in-blocks) and in a number of district general hospitals in the surrounding area (out-blocks). Students will have a mixture of in-blocks and out-blocks. Free accommodation is provided when you are on out-blocks.

What is special about Leicester Medical School?

Our blend of innovative technology-enhanced learning, great traditional learning such as full cadaveric dissection, and the patient focus of our curriculum, provides an excellent learning experience for our students.

We have dedicated Medical School student support teams with an Academic Support Unit led by dedicated academic and clinical staff and a Pastoral Support Unit lead by expert clinical academic staff. Watch a video about our support for students

Do many students intercalate?

This is an increasingly popular option, although it is not at all mandatory and the financial implications need to be considered. Students can intercalate internally or externally. We offer a intercalated BSc and an intercalated Masters programmes. An intercalated Masters can only be done after year 3 is completed.

Preparing to start in September

What preparation can I be doing before I start in September?

We are putting together some resources for offer holders but you could think about continuing to consolidate your chemistry and / or biology knowledge. Or you could start to look at an anatomy textbook eg Gray’s Anatomy, or perhaps a Physiology textbook eg Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology. Many textbooks will be available to you online, through our library, once you start your studies.

Will term still start in September?

We are still planning on term starting in September; but are also working on a number of alternative options as suggested by the Office for Students. We will update offer holders as soon as we know anything different.

Is there a way Offer Holders can get together through social media?

Our Leicester University Students Union Medical Association (LUSUMA) have provided a student run fresher’s page and Facebook page so that you can communicate with each other.

2020 A Level results process

How will you be dealing with awarded A-levels this year?

We will aim to treat all our offer holders in a fair way and have outlined some scenarios that offer holders may be wondering about below

  1. Candidates who meet the conditions of their offer:

    Many offer holders are concerned as to whether their offer of a place will be honoured in the current circumstances and with the cancellation of A-level exams, which were due to take place in the summer. The Department for Education has issued a statement, which indicates that grades will be awarded in a fair and robust way, not just using predicted grades. Ofqual will work with exam boards and teachers to do this. The statement can be found on the Government website.

    This statement indicates that the same proportions of students will receive the top grades as in previous years. This process should enable medical schools to honour those grades without being oversubscribed.
  2. Offer holders who accepted our offer as FIRM but miss the conditions, with AAB

    Historically we have considered those candidates who made us CF and attained AAB at first sitting provided we had space, and the A was in chemistry or biology. As in previous years, this will only be possible if we have places remaining unfilled on results day.
  3. Offer holders who accepted our offer as FIRM but missed the conditions, with ABB

    We would not accept for medicine this year, so candidates have the option to resit and reapply through UCAS for 2021 entry, or start another UoL course and consider the transfer route. However, both routes are competitive.
  4. Offer holders who accepted our offer but missed the conditions in their awarded grades and decide to make an appeal:

    Results that are appealed and upgraded to meet the offer will be honoured, though depending on timelines and numbers it may be that entry is deferred until 2021.
  5. Offer holders who accepted our offer but missed the conditions and decide to sit formal exams in Autumn 2020:

    Subject to clarification from Ofqual and DofE we would expect students who miss their offer and decide to sit the formal examinations in Autumn 2020 and then meet their offer to have their offer honoured. We do not know how UCAS will manage these applicants. It will not be possible to start in the 2020 cohort, so entry would be delayed until 2021, and UCAS may ask for a reapplication.
  6. Offer holders who accepted our offer but missed the conditions and decide to sit formal exams in June 2021:

    Subject to clarification from Ofqual and DofE we will accept applications from these candidates for the 2021 cycle through UCAS. We may expect such candidates to provide the grades awarded this year including the results of practical assessments on their UCAS form. Although these will not be scored as part of the selection for interview process, they may be used if in a borderline group post-interview. We will not expect candidates to resit UCAT in this situation.

General questions

Will you be taking those who get ABB this year because you won’t be able to go into clearing?

We hope not to need to pick up anyone through clearing. If we do, the current plan from UCAS is that clearing will still take place.

Will you accept those who get AAB and have made you insurance?

It is not our policy to accept those who have missed grades and make us their insurance choice. This only happens rarely, with no guarantee, and usually only happens where the applicant has been disadvantaged in some way or has an exceptionally high tariff.

Can I defer entry until 2021?

We do not consider requests for deferral after 1st April unless there are exceptional circumstances. We do not consider the pandemic per se as such a circumstance as it affects everyone.

What if I get ABB and decide to accept a place on another UoL course. Can I apply for internal transfer at the end of year one?

Yes, we have a competitive route for transfer at the end of year 1 of some University of Leicester courses. You must meet our minimum GCSE requirements and have a B in either Chemistry or Biology at A-level plus other requirements

How do I apply for the centenary scholarship for Medicine?

Candidates who made us their FIRM choice and then become UF with the required grades of A*A*A will be made aware of the scholarship by the central admissions team. There is no need to complete an application form.

Can graduate students get any financial help?

Graduates on 5 year medicine degrees are not eligible for student loans to cover the cos of fees. We would suggest you speak to student welfare and finance, but there are a number of charitable organizations that offer financial support eg Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, BMA Charities, Leathersellers.