Leicester Medical School

Aims and outcomes

At Leicester Medical School you will study for the degree of MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) through our patient-focused curriculum, which facilitates enhanced patient contact.

Our aim is to prepare new doctors to meet the challenges of healthcare in the 21st century. You will develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will prepare you for inevitable future changes in practice. The course is designed to provide you with the clinical competence to work as a Foundation Doctor, and the potential to develop into a compassionate, caring and skilled doctor.

Our course is approved by the General Medical Council and graduation will make you eligible for provisional registration as a doctor.

Medical Licensing Assessment

The GMC has decided to introduce a Medical Licensing Assessment – the MLA - from 2024/5 (i.e. for those graduating in July 2025) to demonstrate that those who obtain registration with a licence to practise medicine in the UK meet a common threshold for safe practice. Applicants should be aware that to obtain registration with a licence to practise, medical students will need to pass both parts of the MLA, pass university finals and demonstrate their fitness to practise.

The MLA will be in two parts: there will be an applied knowledge test, which will be set by the Medical School Council Assessment Alliance, and a clinical and professional skills assessment (our Final Objective Structured Clinical Examination), which will be set and delivered by our medical school. Both elements will be overseen and regulated by the GMC.  Leicester Medical School Finals will incorporate both elements of the MLA, and will include an additional written assessment paper.

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