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Academic requirements - 2023 entry

These are the academic entry requirements for UK students for 2023 entry to the A199 Medicine with Foundation Year MBChB course. There are different entry requirements for applicants applying to the A100 Medicine MBChB course. Please see our scoring document for how we score and select applicants for interview, also refer to our FAQs (PDF, 684kb) which you may find useful.


You must have achieved at least a grade C or 5 in English Language (as a first language), Maths, and two sciences, including Chemistry and Biology, or Double Science.

We do not specify a minimum number of A* grades at GCSE. However, we do take GCSE performance into consideration when selecting applicants for interview, as competition for our places is so intense.

GCSE Resits

We will consider resits in GCSE English Language and Maths from any applicant. We will only consider resits in other GCSE subjects if there are very significant mitigating circumstances that have been previously agreed by the admissions tutors in writing.

A-levels (predicted/obtained)

We require school leavers to have predicted or obtained minimum A-level grades of BBB in Chemistry or Biology, and one of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths or Psychology, and a third subject excluding General Studies, Critical Thinking, Citizenship Studies or Global Perspectives. We will consider applicants with predicted or obtained ABC provided the grade C is in the third subject. All A-levels should be taken within 2 years of your GCSEs.

NB: if the third subject is a language other than English, and you are a native or home speaker of that language you would be made an adjusted offer if you got to offer stage. Candidates with foreign language A-levels or equivalent will be asked to declare whether they are a native speaker.

If you study Mathematics and Further Mathematics, you may only count one of these grades towards your potential offer.

A-levels sat in year 12 will not form part of the pre-interview selection process, nor will EPQs or 4th subject AS levels, except in the rare situation of a candidate being in a borderline group. Candidates must take three subjects in year 13 to show they can cope with the depth and breadth of study required.

We do not accept General Studies, Critical Thinking, Citizenship Studies or Global Perspectives (Cambridge Pre-U) or the Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge Certificate.

A Levels Resits

Applicants who attain BBC or BCC at their first A-level attempt can apply with a resit in one or two subject(s). First sit grades must be declared on the UCAS form. Applicants with lower grades at their first A-level attempt and significant mitigation can apply if their mitigation is accepted in writing prior to application.  However, such applicants must apply only after they have attained the required grades of BBB. Predicted grades will not be considered for such applicants.

International Baccalaureate

We also accept the International Baccalaureate, for which we require at least 30 points overall, with 5 points each from 3 Higher Level subjects including Chemistry or Biology, and one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Psychology.

BTEC (predicted/obtained)

We accept the BTEC National Extended Diploma: DDD in Applied Science. We do not accept other BTEC National Extended Diplomas because they do not cover enough of the required science subject material. We will accept a single BTEC in conjunction with two A-levels, provided that one A-levels is Chemistry or Biology and the other is Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Psychology.

Other qualifications

Candidates with other qualifications or combinations should email medfound@le.ac.uk, listing their qualifications and years of completion.

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