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student photo Kelley"So far, I've honestly had a lovely experience with using the dissection room at Leicester as it complements my learning in a more practical way. Particularly as part of the musculoskeletal system, I feel it can be quite challenging to fully understand the anatomy through purely listening to lectures and reading the textbook, so having the opportunity to dissect the relevant parts myself after each session helps me visualise where different components of the body lie relative to each other, and where muscles originate/insert. With the hands-on experience, I tend to find the information much easier to memorise."

Kelley, First Year Medicine student, 2024 

Nursing - Ollie

Join our first year student for Nursing and Leadership, Ollie as he shares his response to his first visit to our Dissection Room at University of Leicester.

Diagnostic Radiography - Kacey

Kacey talks about her first visit to the Dissection Room.

Diagnostic Radiography - Phoebe

Phoebe shares her feelings about her first visit to the Dissection Room.

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