With the Government’s end to COVID-19 restrictions in England and Living With COVID-19 plan, we have moved into the next phase of living with the virus. As part of this, we will still be offering the expertise and support to help you with this transition, but integrated into our existing health and well-being resources.

Face coverings and staying safe and well

We will encourage (but not require) the use of face coverings, especially in crowded settings, and continue to provide them free of charge to those who want them. The only exception to this is the mandatory wearing of face coverings, unless you’re exempt, in Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building, George Davies Centre and University of Leicester buildings at Glenfield Hospital, due to their links with the NHS, until the end of April. Please continue good hygiene practices such as washing your hands regularly. 

If you feel unwell

As of Friday 1 April, Government messaging does not distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory infections.

If you feel unwell, or have the symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, which now include headache, runny nose, sneezing, or sore throat please do not come to campus.


As of Friday 1 April, you are no longer required to complete the online staff COVID-19 reporting form if you have had a positive test result. This is because it is not possible to routinely test to confirm if you have COVID-19 as there is no longer a legal requirement to do so. Therefore, if you are unwell with a respiratory infection, as set out on the NHS website and you are unable to work, then please report your absence through Employee Self Service, or your usual route. If you do not feel well enough to go to work or carry out normal activities, you are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people until you feel better.


As the COVID-19 Response Team is still in operation, please continue to report any positive COVID-19 tests on our student form.

Lateral flow tests

The Government has removed the requirement to test twice a week in education settings.

Our contract to distribute lateral flow tests has now ended and we will no longer be able to make these available from our building receptions to staff and students.  

You can now only order free lateral flow tests from the NHS if you are eligible, including if you have certain health conditions or you're going into hospital for surgery. You can buy COVID-19 tests from some pharmacies and retailers.

Further resources and support

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