Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology

PhD opportunities at LISCB

Current PhD opportunities at LISCB  

Graduate Teaching Assistants (4 years, full time, 20% teaching responsibility)

Graduate Training Assistants (GTAs), are required to do some teaching, and particularly lab demonstrating, as part of your training. GTAs allow research students to fund their PhD through part-time teaching work with the University. Approximately 80% of your time will be spent on doctoral research and 20% on GTA responsibilities. Training is provided to help Graduate Teaching Assistants develop their teaching related skills and enhance their professional competencies.

There are 6 projects available to select from for the 5 PhD positions, 3 are in LISCB:

Dr Richard Hopkinson: Modulating cellular formaldehyde using small molecule tools

Dr Richard Doveston:  A bespoke screening platform for discovering protein molecular glues as novel therapeutic agents

Professor Andrew Hudson:  Fluorescence lifetime imaging with genetically encoded sensors to unravel the mechanisms controlling haem supply and demand in cells

Deadline for application 28 February 2022


External funding for PhD positions is available through DTP schemes. Students who are interested in doing doctoral research at the Institute are encouraged to apply to these and get in touch with us (email Tennie Videler) beforehand. We can support you to put in the strongest possible application as these are very competitive.


MIBTP is a BBSRC-funded Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) between the University of Warwick the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester, Aston University and Harper Adams University with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity.

MRC Advanced Inter-disciplinary Models (AIM) 

AIM is a Doctoral Training Programme funded by the MRC between the Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham, and Leicester. Doctoral students benefit from a diverse range of skills within the cohort, stimulating students to think ‘outside the box’ and perform innovative, world-leading research. The partner universities contribute project ideas, which prospective doctoral students choose from. You need to check your eligibility and apply to both the University of Leicester and the DTP.

College PhD studentships

College PhD studentships are usually advertised around Christmas each year. As details become available, they will be added to this page. If you would like to be emailed with the information, please let Tennie Videler know.


Profit from the informed teaching fuelled by the cutting-edge research at the Institute

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