PhD opportunities at LISCB

Current PhD opportunities at LISCB 

1. How do RNA-binding proteins control splice site selection? In vivo analyses of protein collaborations

One of the biggest challenges in molecular biology is presented by the selection of sites for RNA splicing. We cannot overstate its importance or apparent complexity. This is an exciting opportunity for a PhD with Professor Ian Eperon and Dr Cyril Dominguez as part of a multi-disciplinary group from the Universities of Leicester, Strathclyde and Glasgow. This group brings together expertise in nano-engineering, bio-organic chemistry, photonics, structural biology, RNA splicing and molecular biology, and has been funded by a prestigious BBSRC sLOLA grant for 5 years. Deadline 17 January 2021.

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2. How do RNA-binding proteins control splice site selection? Single molecule approaches and advanced microscopy methods.

This PhD project with Professor Ian Eperon and  Professor Andrew Hudson will use single molecule approaches to study complex assembly in functional environments, backed up by the use of cross-linking and novel linkers connecting RNA segments. The appointee will be involved in developing the use of new surfaces for following complex processes in real time and in the development of methods for following the assembly of regulatory complexes in living cells, using advanced microscopy methods. Deadline 17 January 2021.

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Chemistry Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) PhD 

This is a 4 year position. GTAs allow research students to fund their PhD through part-time teaching work with the University. 

Application deadline: 29th January 2021
Start date: September 2021 


One potential PhD position funded by EPSRC CDT (rEaCt) to start October 2021 with Rama Suntharalingam. Apply as soon as possible.

"Capturing chemical intuition for machine-guided discovery of metallopharmaceuticals targeting cancer stem cells". Learn more.


The other routes to funding a PhD apart from applying to the above opportunities, is through the MRC IMPACT or the BBSRC MIBTP schemes. Students who are interested in doing doctoral research at the Institute are encouraged to apply to these and get in touch with us (email Tennie Videler) beforehand. We can support you to put in the strongest possible application as these are very competitive.

IMPACT (Integrated Midlands Partnership for Biomedical Training) 

IMPACT is a Doctoral Training Programme funded by the MRC between the Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham, and Leicester. Doctoral students benefit from a diverse range of skills within the cohort, stimulating students to think ‘outside the box’ and perform innovative, world-leading research. The partner universities contribute project ideas, which prospective doctoral students choose from. You need to check your eligibility and apply to both the University of Leicester and the DTP.

The Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership

The Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership is a BBSRC-funded Doctoral Training Partnership between the Universities of Warwick, Birmingham and Leicester. All MIBTP scholars will join a programme of skills training in year 1. This includes short rotation projects (including LISCB projects) and students are able to choose a PhD project once they have experienced these differing research environments.

College PhD studentships

College PhD studentships are usually advertised around Christmas each year. As details become available, they will be added to this page. If you would like to be emailed with the information, please let Tennie Videler know.


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