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Using browser extensions to access books and journal articles

When you have discovered a book or journal through Google Scholar, Wikipedia or by any search other than through Library Search the publisher or provider needs to know you are eligible to read it. This requires your Leicester IT Account credentials to authenticate that you are a student or member of staff at Leicester. 

If you are using Library Search on campus, or through our VPN or remote access you will not need to authenticate otherwise you will receive a login prompt.

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that provides easy access to journal articles and books that the Library subscribes to as well as open access resources. The extension can be used on publisher platforms (for example Science Direct and Taylor & Francis Online), Databases (for example Scopus and Web of Science), Amazon, Google Scholar, Google Books and Wikipedia.

How to install LibKey Nomad

  1. Go to the LibKey Nomad download page
  2. Select Get LibKey Nomad Now, and choose your browser
  3. Install the extension
  4. When prompted select University of Leicester as your organisation.
  5. LibKey Nomad is now ready to use

Using LibKey Nomad

When you find a journal article or book online, LibKey Nomad will let you know if the resource is available through the Library's subscriptions or if there is an open access version. A button will appear in the bottom left of the screen with the option to Download PDF

LibKey Nomad Download PDF

If a PDF is not available, you may instead see Article Link or View E-Book, which will take you to the webpage of the resource

LibKey Nomad article linkLibKey Nomad view ebook

If you are working off campus, you may need to login with your University IT Account. You will then be directed through to the article or book

Additional functionality

LibKey Nomad also provides additional functionality on Pubmed, Scopus and Web of Science. On the search page you will see cover images of the journals, links to download article PDFs, and links to complete journal issues in Journals A to Z

The extension will also work in Wikipedia. Direct links to articles and books will appear alongside references to scholarly resources.

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