Computing at Leicester

Research interests of academic staff

Professor Anjum

Data Intensive Distributed Systems, Distributed Machine Learning Models, Edge enhanced deep learning, Self Adapting Digital Twins and High Performance Analytics, Blockchains and Trustworthy Distributed Systems.

Dr B Yuan

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Data Science, Explainable and Trustworthy AI, Big Data Analytics, Edge Computing, Social Computing, Autonomous Vehicles 

Dr A Boronat

Model-driven engineering, model synchronization and consistency checking in heterogeneous software models, machine learning applied to building software models; low-code software development; data analytics for AI using model-driven engineering; applications of data analytics and machine learning in the earth observation and healthcare domains; data-driven cloud applications, software engineering for AI and AI for software engineering. 

Dr R Crole

Programming language semantics; practical applications of semantics; categories and types; the logic of computer science; models for verification

Dr J Drake

Data Science for Optimisation, Evolutionary Computation, Metaheuristics, Hyper-heuristics, Automated Algorithm Design and Configuration, Operational Research, Scheduling and Timetabling, Combinatorial Optimisation, Cutting and Packing

Dr S Fung

Online algorithms, computational geometry, computational biology, algorithms for combinatorial optimisation. 

Dr F Goes

Computational Creativity, High Performance Computing

Professor R Heckel

Dr M Heintz

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Participatory Design (PD), Usability, User Experience (UX), Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL), Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing

Dr J Hoey

Reversible Computation, Reversibility of Concurrent Executions, Energy Efficient Software for AI

Dr Y Hong

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Digital Humanities, Software Engineering, Web Technologies, Collaborative Working Environment, Internet of Things (IoT)

Professor A Hugill

Music, Creative Computing, Aural Diversity

Dr G Kefalidou

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Experience (UX) Design for Mixed Reality, User-centred Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Decision Support AI-driven Systems and Interactive Optimisation, Intelligent Systems and Service Design

Professor L Liu 

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Distributed Systems and the Internet of Things 

Dr J Panneerselvam

Machine-learning; Artificial Intelligence; Cloud Computing; Digital Twins; Sustainable Cloud Datacentres; Image Processing; Interdisciplinary Analytics; Data Mining; Deep-Learning; Reinforcement-Learning; Online Social Networks; Scheduling Algorithms

Professor R Raman

Algorithm Design and Analysis, Algorithm Engineering, Data Compression, Data Mining, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Representing and Querying Large and Complex Data.  Applications to Bioinformatics.  

Dr M R Zare

Information retrieval, fusion technique, Image retrieval and classification, Medical Imaging, Pattern recognition, Deep learning, Machine Learning

Dr R Silva

Virtual and Augmented Reality, Autonomous Agents as Synthetic Characters, Affective Computing

Dr I Ulidowski

Reversible Computation, Energy Efficient Programming for AI, Operational Semantics, Theory of Concurrency

Professor T Vladimirova

AI and ML techniques for image and data processing in autonomous systems, intelligent high-performance embedded computing systems, distributed computing, reconfigurable systems, hardware acceleration, intelligent sensing, and wireless sensor networks.

Dr S Wang

Information fusion, Deep learning, Biomedical image analysis, Pattern recognition, Transfer learning, Data Analysis.

Professor H Yang

Artificial Creativity, Creative Computing, Software Engineering, Internet Computing

Professor Y Zhang

Medical image processing, deep learning, including convolutional neural network, batch normalisation, pooling, transfer learning; Medical image analysis: Alzheimer’s disease, hearing loss, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer. 

Professor H Zhou

Machine learning, computer vision, intelligent systems and signal processing.

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