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Students on distance learning (DL) courses study at home – from anywhere in the UK or from anywhere in the world. Your learning materials are accessed completely online at any time of the day.

Our MSc degrees by distance learning are recognised postgraduate qualifications which are studied over 24 months. The courses offered allow you to choose a programme of studies that matches an area in which you want to specialise, a profile suitable to enhance your ongoing career trajectory, or simply your curiosity and interests.

Our courses allow you to develop into a highly skilled professional, well-versed in advanced methods and tools.

Our courses 

CPD short courses

If your interests/needs are very specific, or if you are not sure whether distance learning study is right for you, you can study any individual module as a CPD course and gain a certificate of completion. This module will contribute towards an MSc or PGCert if you start your course within the next two years.

Please note that the alumni discount scheme is not available for CPD modules.

Hear from our students

As a result of completing this course, I have a better understanding about computer science and the modules have provided me with a great problem solving tool-kit. The MSc has been very important to my professional development and personal growth as well as giving me the option to study a PhD. The Distance Learning method was a great option as I’m from Mexico, work in the US and have a family. It required some discipline to keep my studies, job and family working in parallel. My family supported and motivated me and the distance learning format was perfect regarding my time limitations. I enjoyed watching the on campus video lectures as it was a great way to feel as though I was in the class room. I really enjoyed the knowledge and experience shared by the professors, the great relationship with my tutor who always gave me good advice, and the Distance Learning Hub that always kept me in the loop and gave me a great support throughout the degree. I’m very proud of being part of the University of Leicester Alumni.

Ruben, USA/Mexico

This MSc has helped me a lot in acquiring the job of my dreams in the Space Engineering environment.  I chose the Advanced Software Engineering MSc because it seemed to offer the best conditions in Europe for a business professional willing to improve their knowledge. It has been a great experience, due to the excellent online material and the constant support from the staff. This MSc has helped me a lot in acquiring the job of my dreams in the Space Engineering environment: I think that I will be forever grateful to the University of Leicester, and will apply to a PhD as soon as possible!

Matteo, Italy

Studying this MSc has enabled me to update my knowledge and has enhanced my abilities to carry out research and to analyse and apply existing frameworks and models. I live in the Netherlands and currently work as a Software Consultant at The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Studying the Advanced Computer Science MSc enabled me to update my knowledge and enhance my abilities to carry out research and to analyse and apply existing frameworks and models. I chose the intensive study route, studying three modules per semester followed by the individual project, so it was absolutely crucial to dedicate all my leisure time to the course in order to keep to the schedule of readings and assignment submissions for each module. I enjoyed the entire programme very much, especially the programming assignments for all the courses, and the individual project was a great learning experience. The inclusion of lecture recordings to the course material made a world of difference and were really helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to those who are looking for a distance learning Masters that has high standards and is technically oriented.

Monica, The Netherlands

The Advanced Software Engineering MSc via distance learning has taught me a lot of practical scenarios in the industry, mostly in the Service Oriented Architecture and BPM space, as well as ontologies. I particularly enjoyed the SOA lectures which showed us exactly what was discussed in class, as well as the visuals and also the lecturer explanation. The Blackboard site is managed and delivered with ease and allows us to see all the scheduled lectures. By having groups in some of the lectures it allowed me to interact with people across the globe, from Malta, Greece and London, so I have also made friends as well. The programme, whilst intensive, has allowed me to focus on my job since I have family and financial obligations, but also on my studies at my own time by replaying all the lectures from Blackboard. In addition, we used Google Hangout and Skype to discuss content, and this allowed the course to have a personal touch.

Kennedy, South Africa

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