Computing at Leicester

Women in Computer Science student group

The Women in Computer Science Leicester group promotes Computer Science and supports female students with an interest in this subject. This is not restricted to the students of Computing at Leicester and we welcome other female students from different departments to join us.

This is an informal student-led group run by volunteer Student Ambassadors.

The group meets every month in term time and invites all women with an interest in Computer Science to join us or coffee/tea, biscuits and chat.

We talk about networking events and career opportunities, geared towards women such as "IT's not just for boys", "WomENcourage" conference, "Grace Hopper" Conference, "BCS Colloquium" and etc.

We are also working to set up free coding classes for females at our university campus through the Code First: Girls organisation. See general information about the free coding classes run by the Code First: Girls organisation.

What do group members say?

Amazing, friendly, so inspiring... It's always great to network with other CS students to discuss similar issues and learn from their experiences. I'm so glad that I attended the meeting and I would definitely love to attend all the coming meetings


The meeting was friendly, lovely, and fun. We had a nice laugh as well as exchanging honest comments and experiences related to team work and time management skills in IT environment. I would encourage everyone to join.


It's an ideal model of the kind of support that women across all science fields should offer to one another. Personally, it's a reminder that my dreams are attainable and my doubts are only part of the journey. Listening and learning from women who have similar struggles and are excelling, whilst remaining passionate about their careers, keeps me motivated. I hope to be in their shoes next year at some point in my computer science journey, supporting new students who like me have doubts that might be getting in the way of their success.


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