Legal and Information Assurance Services

Data protection

Code of practice on current Data Protection legislation and how it is implemented at the University of Leicester.

The University is a complex organisation that is highly dependent on the processing of personal data for a broad range of its activities. It has a clear obligation to the individuals about whom it holds data to process the information in a manner that is compliant not only with the provisions but also the spirit of Data Protection legislation.

Information Assurance Services maintains and supports the University’s Code of Practice for Data Protection which is designed to ensure full compliance with the legislation, and provides the following services:

  • Development and maintenance of polices designed to ensure compliance with the Data Protection legislation.
  • Implementation of policy and required procedures for compliance.
  • Provision of advice and guidance to all areas of the University.
  • Undertaking of audits to monitor compliance.
  • Processing of requests for information made under the provisions of the legislation.
  • Management of complaints procedures.
  • Management of relations with the Information Commissioner’s Office and other external bodies.
  • Promotion of awareness of data protection compliance matters and the provision of training where necessary.

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