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Hidden Hate

Within the first series of Hidden Hate, we explore some difficult and topical questions about the causes and solutions associated with online and offline hate.

Led by Neil Chakraborti and Amy Clarke, this podcast brings together a diverse range of voices from practitioners to activists to academics, to share their expertise and experiences and help shed light on some of these invisible issues.

The podcast is produced by Chaos Created and all episodes are now available on the Hidden Hate Podcast website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.


Episode 1: Hate and the Digital World

In this episode, we are joined by Professor Matt Williams and Dr Ashton Kingdon to explore the extent and nature of cyberhate and online extremism. As the UK advances its Online Safety Bill, with far-reaching consequences for social media platforms’ responsibilities for abuse and harassment, the team asks how the digital landscape has shaped and facilitated hate crime, and how law-enforcement, legislators, tech companies, and the public should respond.

Episode 2: Hating Disability

In this episode alongside victims, activists and academics Dr David Wilkin and Dr Erin Pritchard, we discuss whether society really ‘hates’ disabled people, and what it feels like to personally experience hostility on the basis of your disability. The team explore their visions for more inclusive and tolerant public spaces for disabled people.

Episode 3: Hating Immigrants

We are joined in this episode by Gurpreet Sidhu, founder of BLM in the Stix and campaigner for equality, as well as Dr Chris Allen, expert in extremism and Islamophobia. The team explore what exactly is driving anti-immigrant hate and the influence of politics in this space. The issue of racism in the English countryside and tips on being an anti-racist ally are also discussed.

Episode 4: Hating Women

In this final episode of Hidden Hate, we are joined by former Nottinghamshire Chief Constable Sue Fish, who championed the addition of misogyny hate crime, and activist Gina Martin, who campaigned for the criminalisation of upskirting and has spoken about her experience of stalking. The team discuss the toxic culture in policing towards women, what it’s like to actually change the law, and what we as a society could be doing better to make all women safer.

Hidden Hate - A Podcast Series

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