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Joyce’s legacy: A life of art, eccentricity, and generosity to the Attenborough Arts Centre

Painting by Joyce Hulford, of colourful trees by a fieldJoyce, affectionately remembered as the “quirky aunt” by niece Gillian, who was also the executor of Joyce’s will, lived a life coloured by unconventional choices and a profound passion for the arts. Despite early discouragement from her family regarding an artistic career, Joyce’s interest in art persisted.

In her 50s, Joyce made the decision to engage in art lessons at the Attenborough Arts Centre at the University of Leicester marking the beginning of Joyce’s journey in expressing herself through various artistic mediums. The warm facilities and friendly atmosphere provided by the Centre were particularly significant to her.

In a generous act of gratitude, Joyce left a gift in her will which was used to purchase art materials for the Centre. This contribution ensures that current and future artists can benefit from the same creative opportunities that meant so much to Joyce.

Jeremy Webster, Deputy Director of the Attenborough Arts Centre, underscored the significance of Joyce’s engagement with the arts, stating, “It is always rewarding to hear about the impact that the arts can make on someone’s life. I am glad that Joyce engaged with and enjoyed making art at the Attenborough Arts Centre. I know all too well how important our classes are for people.”

Black and white photograph of Joyce Hulford smilingJoyce’s legacy isn't just a financial contribution; it’s a heartfelt expression of thanks for the art lessons at the Attenborough Arts Centre that enriched her life. As her artworks continue to inspire, Joyce’s spirit lives on, leaving an enduring mark on the canvas of artistic education. In Joyce’s own words in her autobiography: “Still learning! Still Enjoying! Happy painting everyone!”

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