School of Geography, Geology and the Environment



  • Dr Ben Coles Food, Energy, Water ‘nexus’, Brazil/Latin America, ‘Alternative’ economies, Security, Place/Place-making/Topography
  • Dr Stefano De Sabbata Information Geographies, Internet Geographies, Critical GIS, Public Participation GIS, Volunteer Geographic Information, Geocomputation, Visual analytics
  • Dr Claire Jarvis Spatial analysis, Visualisation (2D & 3D), Mediascape
  • Professor Loretta Lees Urban regeneration, Urban sustainability, Architectural Geographies, Housing
  • Professor Martin Phillips Affective geographies of nature and community, Affordance and environmental perception, Representations of nature, Climate change, Energy geographies, Gentrifying nature
  • Professor Caroline Upton Political ecology, Conservation politics and practices, Ecosystem services, Environmental justice, Environmental/ climate governance, Pastoralism 

For more information about this research theme please contact the theme leader Dr Caroline Upton.

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