Forensic Science

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Forensic Science

Forensic science is not a single scientific discipline, but the application of a very wide range of sciences to matters of law. For most people, forensic science is synonymous with criminal investigations, but it is also used to resolve civil disputes such as paternity, product liability, negligence and insurance investigations.

Given the breadth of its definition, forensic science requires a truly multidisciplinary approach to fully understand the potential applications, limitations and implications of different branches of science applied to legal contexts.

The University of Leicester is renowned for two particular discoveries that illustrate aspects of forensic science – the groundbreaking development of DNA fingerprinting by Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys, and the multidisciplinary effort that led to the discovery and identification of Richard III. As well as this, researchers and practitioners in the University make major contributions in diverse areas from forensic pathology to chemistry, criminology and genetics.

You can find out about this exciting work, as well as our forensic science teaching, by following the links on this page.

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