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Working in partnership with the Secondary PGCE

How to get involved

There are several ways in which you can work in partnership with us.


We are currently working with many partner schools on initiatives such as Teaching Schools, Lead Partners and School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT).

We actively invite schools to get in touch with us to discuss ideas for developing a partnership with the School of Education in the future.

As well as building new models of teacher education we will continue to work alongside partner schools offering placements for our PGCE students.

Hosting PGCE placements

Your school might decide to host one or more PGCE students for one of their two school-based placements.

Lead Partners

An increasing number of PGCE students are now recruited via Lead Partners. You might consider 'bidding' for your own allocation of students or working with an existing Lead Partner school to offer placements (contact us at and we will pass your details on to lead schools working within the partnership).

Interviewing PGCE Candidates

Each year we ask school coordinators and subject co-tutors from our partner schools to be involved in our recruitment process and attend interviews of potential PGCE students.

Joining our Partnership Management Group

The Partnership Management Group (PMG) meets three times a year and comprises headteachers, coordinators, co-tutors and PGCE staff and senior management. The role of the PMG is to share information about practice in schools in initial teacher training and facilitate the exchange of views and feedback. The PMG embeds teachers in the strategic planning of the Secondary PGCE course and enables teachers to gain information about practice, initiatives, changes and developments in schools.


Our ITE mentors always enjoy taking students from the University of Leicester. They benefit by attending regular mentor training and by having students who are willing to listen and take on board advice, who are also creative and not afraid to ‘take risks’ in their teaching. Our staff also enjoy very good relationships with the University's subject leaders, who are always there to support and guide when required.

ITE Coordinator, City of Leicester School

Working in partnership with Leicester's PGCE students has been both a delight and a rewarding experience for staff and students alike. We have benefited from the fresh approach to learning that they bring, and we have found the opportunity to work with University staff and other co-tutors from schools in different LEAs an interesting experience which has furthered our own professional development. Many faculties have also been staffed by Leicester ITE students who have chosen to stay with us after completion of the course. The opportunity to be involved in the growth of the ITE provision at the University is something that we value.

ITE Coordinator, Kingsthorpe College

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