Research Involving Animals – Division of Biomedical Services


It is a requirement of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 that all designated establishments should employ a Named Training and Competency Officer (NTCO) who is responsible for ensuring that all those dealing with animals are adequately educated, trained and supervised until they are competent and that they continue to undertake appropriate further training to maintain their expertise. The NTCO role is to oversee the process, making sure that training is taking place, that standards are acceptable and that a consistent approach is being adopted and delivered. The NTCO is required to endorse each application for a new or amended personal licence which is requesting primary availability at the establishment.

Guidance on the Operation of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 requires that staff are adequately educated and trained to perform any of the following functions:

  • Carrying out procedures on animals
  • Designing procedures and projects
  • Taking care of animals; or
  • Euthanising animals

The Division of Biomedical Services is able to advise, co-ordinate and provide training on a number of aspects relating to animal technology, technical and breeding procedures, surgical techniques and Health and Safety.

Training would be obtained via attending a course ran by one of the following providers:

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