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NC3Rs guidelines

ARRIVE guidelinesarrive guidelines document

The NC3Rs produced the ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) guidelines to improve the reporting of research using animals.

We expect the ARRIVE guidelines to be followed by scientists in the preparation of publications and other outputs. ARRIVE 2.0 has now been published and includes the Essential 10:

  1. Study design
  2. Sample size
  3. Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  4. Randomisation
  5. Blinding
  6. Outcome measures
  7. Statistical methods
  8. Experimental animals
  9. Experimental procedures
  10. Results

Gain an introduction to the ARRIVE guidelines 2.0, explaining the importance of reporting the critical information covered in the Essential 10, and presenting the range of resources available provided by the NC3Rs.

PREPARE guidelines

In order to reduce waste and increase the reproducibility of animal research the PREPARE (Planning Research and Experimental Procedures on Animals: Recommendations for Excellence) guidelines were designed by experts led by the Secretary of Norecopa.

These guidelines are based on knowledge from across the sector, experience obtained from those running animal facilities as well as expertise of researchers and committee members.

We, alongside the Home Office, recommend the use of the PREPARE checklist for preparing grant applications.

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