Rex Bloomstein

rex bloomstein profile imageDocumentary Filmmaker and Honorary Visiting Fellow

Rex Bloomstein began his career as a documentary director with the BBC in 1970 with cinema verité All In A Day studies of British life.

He has exposed realities of prison life and addressed aspects of the British penal system previously closed to public scrutiny. These include films such as The Sentence (1975), Release (1976), Prisoners’ Wives (1977), Parole (1978), Lifer (1982), and Strangeways (1980), which won two British Academy Awards: best documentary series and best single documentary. In 2001 BBC Two's Timewatch commissioned Strangeways Revisited’.

Over the years, Rex Bloomstein has produced and directed a number of acclaimed historical studies for television: Traitors to Hitler (1979), Martin Luther King – The Legacy (1988), Auschwitz and the Allies (1982), The Gathering (1982), and Attack On The Liberty (1987).

Other films exploring Holocaust-orientated topics include: Liberation (1995), The Longest Hatred’ (1989), and KZ (2005), described as ‘the first post-modern Holocaust documentary’, which explores the legacy of Austria's Mauthausen concentration camp and its impact on visitors and residents today.

Another major concentration of Rex Bloomstein’s work has been to highlight the abuse of human rights, including the films Human Rights (1984), Torture (1985), and the three part series Roots Of Evil (1997), which explored why acts of terror and destruction seem endemic in the human condition.

Rex Bloomstein is a filmmaker of power and passion who is still engaging broadcasters and distributors with his unique, hard-hitting, unembellished explorations of life. Lifer – Living With Murder was broadcast in 2003, and Kids Behind Bars was broadcast on Channel 4 in August 2005. An Independent Mind, his 90 minute feature-length documentary on freedom of expression, was broadcast on More 4 in December 2008.