School of Criminology

Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy

Honorary Fellow

Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy

Over recent years Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy has been commissioned to undertake a number of major research, evaluation and consultancy projects on hate crime which have helped to shape new and improved policy and practice in this area. Stevie is also a member of the UK Government's first LGBT Advisory Panel which acts as a sounding board, providing practical advice to the Minister for Women and Equalities on policy decisions and on implementing the commitments set out in the 2018 LGBT Action Plan.

Stevie is also a member of the:

  • External Consultative Group on Hate Crime for the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Advisory Group on Tackling Racial Harassment in Higher Education for UUK
  • Expert Advisory Panel on Safeguarding and Welfare for the Office for Students

Stevie has an established track record as a trainer in the field of hate studies, having delivered training on diversity and hate-related themes to more than 1,500 professionals within the UK and beyond.She has extensive knowledge of Government policy and practice from working as a frontline practitioner within the public and voluntary sector. Stevie also has experience of managing projects for people with mental ill-health, learning difficulties and physical disabilities; of designing and delivering activities for young people at risk of, if not already engaging in anti-social behaviour; and of providing emotional and practical support to victims of hate crime.


  • Hate crime victimisation and perpetration
  • Hate crime policy and practice
  • Criminal justice responses to victims

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Support Services for Victims, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Fay Sadro and Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy were commissioned by the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner to design a process and outcome evaluation for a new, innovative ‘test and learn’ pilot project to support victims of hate crime in the county. The evaluation seeks to understand the impact of the theory-based model, focused on raising awareness of hate crime locally and providing advocacy support for victims. The findings will inform future commissioning of support services and contribute to our understanding of ‘what works’ when supporting victims of hate crime.

Mapping the Support Needs of Hate Crime Victims in the West Midlands, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

Prof Neil Chakraborti and Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy were commissioned by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner to conduct a study that will identify the support needs of hate crime victims and will determine whether existing support provision is meeting the needs of hate crime victims. The empirical evidence generated as a result of this project and the recommendations that come from it will help to inform and improve the wider delivery of hate crime support services in the West Midlands.

Hate Crime: Identifying and Dismantling Barriers to Justice, Amnesty International UK

Prof Neil Chakraborti and Dr Stevie-Jade Hardy were commissioned by Amnesty International UK to conduct a review of the Government’s approach to dealing with hate crime in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. This study was undertaken using a mixed methods approach which consisted of case studies drawn from examples of disablist hate crime, homophobic hate crime, racist hate crime, religiously-motivated hate crime and transphobic hate crime; an analysis of existing data sets; and a review of existing legislation and other forms of national policy relating to hate crime.


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