Study Abroad Unit

After you leave

Stay in contact

Even when you have finished your studies at Leicester, you are welcome to stay in contact with the University of Leicester through our Alumni programme, who run a few events each year. You may also be interested in signing up to receive the Graduates Review Magazine or receive E-newsletter bulletins.


Two copies of your transcript will be sent automatically and free of charge to your home university after you complete your study abroad programme. If you require additional, or certified copies, please order one through Shop@le. Please note, your home university decides how to convert marks awarded while you study with us.

Continue your studies

If you've enjoyed your time at the University of Leicester, why not come back and join one of our postgraduate programmes? As a former Study Abroad student, you will be eligible for our Alumni discount, representing a 20% discount on your course fee. Find out more about studying for a degree at Leicester as an international student.

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