English Language Teaching Unit

EL7700 Academic English for Postgraduate Research Students and Staff (CLS and CSE)

This course is for PhD students, researchers and staff/visiting academics in the College of Life Sciences (CLS) and College of Science and Engineering (CSE). This course has 3 modules. Each module is 8 weeks. You can choose to study one, two or all three modules

Module 1

Availability October 
Duration 8 weeks
Classes 2 hours a week
Module leader Jayn Kilbon
Contact insessional@le.ac.uk

Course content

  • Study language for use in a research meeting
  • Discuss key features of scientific academic writing
  • Study language for evaluating the research of others
  • Identify how an appropriate referencing system is used in your subject area
  • Discuss cohesion in paragraphs and across long texts
  • Study the organisation and language of academic presentations
  • Orally describe your research in an academic presentation
  • Practice answering challenging questions about your research

Module 2

Availability February
Duration 8 weeks
Classes 2 hours a week
Tutorial  Optional  
Module leader Jayn Kilbon
Contact insessional@le.ac.uk

Course content

  • Describing your research in a poster presentation format
  • Features of introductions to longer pieces of writing
  • The sections of a probation or progress report
  • The organisation and language of literature reviews
  • Language for describing research methods
  • Language for reporting results
  • Language for discussing research findings
  • Features of conclusions to longer pieces of writing

Module 3

All modules for term 3 will be delivered online.

6 weeks 
Classes 2 hours per week  
Tutorial Optional  
Module leader
Jayn Kilbon 
Contact  insessional@le.ac.uk 

Course content

  • Give an oral summary of your research
  • Study the language and organisation of abstracts
  • Identify ways of making writing more precise
  • Study features of paragraph cohesion
  • Study ways of justifying research orally and in writing
  • Identify key differences between spoken and written academic English

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