We have a reputation as a friendly and supportive department that produces highly trained graduates with skills valued by employees.

We offer high-quality courses designed to give you a wide range of employment opportunities. Our courses are carefully structured to ensure you cover all the relevant topics. Our teaching is powered by our research, placing you at the heart of what's current and making our graduates highly desirable.

One of the great strengths of our degrees is their flexibility, allowing you to move between certain courses at the end of your first year. You will benefit from our excellent teaching, our recently expanded and well-equipped teaching laboratories, our high-quality welfare provision and academic support. You will also reap the benefits of the cutting-edge research being carried out in the department by our academics - the same academics who will teach you.

Our specialist research areas include atmospheric chemistry; chemical biology; materials and interfaces; spectroscopy and dynamics; sustainable synthesis; catalysis; and chemical education. You will learn about the very latest breakthroughs in each area throughout your course. In your final year, everyone carries out their own research project, working under one of our academic staff applying the knowledge and practical skills that you have gained - placing you at the cutting edge of chemistry research.

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The Department of Chemistry has a range of analytical instrumentation on which, subject to availability, samples can be analysed for clients.

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Athena SWAN is a charter scheme seeking to address issues of gender inequality in higher education.

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We have a number of prestigious undergraduate prizes that are awarded to students at various points during their degrees.

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