Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability

Equal-Life (part of the European Exposome Network)

Principal Investigator - John Gulliver

A consortium of 20 European partners (part of the European Exposome Network) funded through Horizon 2020 to develop a toolbox that will help evaluate the effects of  physical and social environmental exposures on children from preconception to adolescence. CEHS are leading a work package to construct an enriched description of the external exposome by developing detailed data and new, open-source models for the built- and natural- environments, air pollution, and noise. A combination of health and social data from birth-cohorts, longitudinal school data sets and cross-sectional studies (N=>250.000) birth-cohort data with new sources of environmental data, will provide insight into key influences on mental health in early life and highlight potential interventions.


  • Led by RIVM (The Netherlands) with 20 partners from 11 European countries.

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