Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability

Dr Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Earth Observation ‘Lecturer in Practice’
and Research Fellow


I am an expert in the use of geospatial and satellite imagery for understanding the land environment. I spent 12 years working in the geospatial services industry working on a wide variety of high-profile Earth Observation related projects for organisations such as the European Union, European Space Agency and Defra. I returned to academia in 2004, wining a NERC Knolwedge Exchange fellowship, and collaborating on or leading projects relating to land cover/land use, agriculture and flooding. I am now a Lecturer in Practice in Earth Observation as well as a Research Fellow, working on projects related to the interaction between humans and the environment. Particular interests encompass how to better understand the nature of greenspace, both in the UK and the Global South, and how different measures of urban greenness influence our understanding of the impact of greenspace on human health.

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