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Video interviews

Video interviews are now a common tool used by recruiters early on in the application process as an efficient and fair way to perform a large number of interviews simultaneously. Recruiters use video interviews to identify whether candidates are suitable for their roles and a good fit for their organisations before inviting them to an assessment centre or a face-to-face interview.

Usually video interviews are conducted using specialist software such as HireVue, Launchpad Recruits, or InterviewStream.

This style of interview is different from a Skype interview as it is not live; you record yourself answering a number of questions and your footage is then later reviewed by the recruiters. Whilst some software will allow you to re-record your answers, this is not always guaranteed and so practice and preparation is key.

In a typical video interview you're presented with pre-recorded or written questions before being given a short time, perhaps one minute, to prepare your response. You'll then be given a set amount of time, around two or three minutes, to record your answer.

How can I practice?

  • Before practising, make sure that you are as prepared as possible learning more about interview questions
  • Complete a mock video interview using Launchpad – as mentioned, this software is used in real recruitment processes and you will be able to practice giving answers under timed conditions Please email us for access
  • After completing your Launchpad mock video interview, book a video interview review appointment to get feedback on your performance and advice on how to improve

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