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Uncommon questions

Uncommon questions can arise from time to time and these can be particularly difficult to predict. Employers ask these to find out a bit more about your personality and see how you react to the unexpected. The scenarios may require you to think outside the box and show some creativity.

Examples of questions

  • If you were a character from fiction, who would you be?
  • If we caught you daydreaming at work, what would you be daydreaming about?
  • What type of cake would you be and why?


To answer these questions effectively, avoid giving clichéd answers and think about why the employer is asking that question - what are they hoping to find out about you? An ideal answer may embody some of the employer's priorities and their culture or ethos, and gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality and stand out from other applicants. It is okay to use some humour but never give a sarcastic answer, even if you think the question is strange.

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