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As a graduate of the University of Leicester, you  can access information, advice and guidance for at any time after you graduate.
Our expert careers advisors are here to support you to achieve success in whatever you’re applying for.

Our 1-2-1 appointments

Our 1-2-1 appointments range from 20 to 50 minutes and cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Application coaching (25 minutes):
    Useful for writing CVs, cover letters, applications, personal statements and forming a LinkedIn profile
  • Career coaching (25 minutes):
    For exploring what you want to do after university, assessing what career paths are open to you, how to gain relevant experience, or discussing whether starting a business is right for you. We can also support you with upcoming interviews, assessment centres and psychometric tests
  • Mock interviews/assessments (50 minutes):
    For practising an upcoming interview, presentation or role play you might have as part of a recruitment process. We also offer video interview practice with a software called Launchpad, which is used by graduate employers
  • PhD careers guidance (20 minutes):
    For both current PhD graduates exploring what to do professionally after completing their PhD, or for graduates interested in beginning a PhD and who are seeking help with their applications
  • Business coaching (30 minutes):
    To explore initial business start-up ideas, or discuss specific topics in more depth, such as business modelling/financials/marketing. These appointments are ran by colleagues from the Innovation Hub.  You can also gain an understanding of all the help the University can offer to start your business. 

How to book an appointment

We offer one-to-one careers appointments online through Teams, Skype and by telephone. Please book an appointment by logging into MyCareers.

What do we expect from you?

To ensure you get the most out of this support and to provide a fair service for all of our graduates, we aim to provide you with the most effective support during these activities. There are three expectations that we require from you:

Preparation work  ('No prep, no entry' rule)

Before you attend an appointment or event, with an employer or us, you will need to complete some preparation. This is a 'no prep, no entry' rule, therefore it is a compulsory activity for you to complete every time you book an appointment or event. Look out for the preparation that you need to complete; this will be emailed to you after you’ve made your booking.

Cancellations and non-attendance

All the activities we run are based on preparing you for your career, and in the world of work turning up late or simply not turning up at all without letting people know wouldn’t be accepted.

We appreciate though that things can change and there may be unforeseen or mitigating circumstances which mean you can no longer attend (e.g. if there is a change in your academic timetable, you are unwell or have a long term health condition). If that occurs that's okay, but we ask you to cancel beforehand, ideally giving at least 24 hours’ notice so that we can re-allocate your place to another student. All events and appointments can be cancelled via MyCareers or by contacting us through email.


If you are running late for an appointment or event please notify us as soon as possible by emailing the Student Service Centre.

If you are more than 5 minutes late we may not be able to run your appointment. In this instance, this will be recorded as a missed appointment we will request that you re-book for another appointment.

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