Careers in Creative Industries: Media and Design, Journalism, Museum and Archaeological Studies


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Leading graduate employers in journalism and publishing:

Often students go onto …

  • DAS (MAFF): Researcher
  • AOL Europe: Partner Marketing Manager
  • Bass Brewers: Marketing Assistant
  • BBC Natural History Unit: Production Secretary
  • Birmingham Health Authority: Assistant Personnel Manager
  • Bournemouth University: MA Television and Video Production
  • BUNAC: Campus Support Assistant
  • BUPA: Account Executive
  • CO-OP Bank: Fraud Investigator
  • Corby: English/Media Teacher
  • Dean Street Post (Post Production): Librarian
  • Gloucester College of Arts: NCJT Journalism Course
  • Granada/Sky: Researcher
  • ITC: Researcher
  • Japan (JET scheme): English teacher
  • Lion Television: Assistant Producer
  • Local newspaper (Crawley): Journalist
  • Sub-editor
  • West Midlands Police: Intelligence Research Officer

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Museum, Archives and Archaeology 

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