Department of Cardiovascular Sciences


Undergraduate education program

The Acute Care Block is led by Dr Jonny Acheson and Dr Lee Walker. Over the course of 7 weeks students rotate between the Emergency Department and the Acute Medical Unit. Within the block students are taught clinical skills including suturing, intermediate life support and taking arterial blood samples. They participate in a medical simulation day and have lots of chance to see emergency patients. They present formal cases and are assessed seeing patients in the Departments. A final week assessment includes an MCQ, and a ten station OSCE. Throughout the block students are encouraged to blog what they have experienced each day and reflect on it. The course details are available to University of Leicester students (UoL login required). This block is consistently highly rated by undergraduates.

EMAG actively supports the undergraduate Trauma and Acute Care Society (TACS).

Academic training

EMAG has an active academic training program.

Academic F2 Educators and F2 Leaders

The Emergency department currently hosts 14 academic F2 Educators. These individuals are recruited through a competitive national process and spend 8 months in the Emergency Department acquiring their F2 competencies and 4 months at the medical school teaching medical students. They have the opportunity to undertake medical education projects and many publish or present their work. The Emergency Department also hosts 12 academic F2 Leadership posts. These trainees spend 8 months in the Emergency Department acquiring their F2 competencies and 4 months training in medical leadership and management. During the leadership training they undertake a PG Cert in healthcare leadership and management with the University of Leicester. They also undertake a focused management project under supervision.

Academic Clinical Fellow posts

Three ACF posts have been available in Leicester. Further placements may be available in 2014 for suitable applicants through the national application scheme.

PhD/MD Students

There is one MD and one PhD student currently within EMAG. A further one MD and one PhD students are associated.

Academic Clinical Lecturer posts

An ACL post would be available to a suitable applicant through the national selection process.

Clinical training

EMAG is closely associated with the clinical training program in Emergency Medicine of the East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery. Professor Coats is Regional College Academic Lead for the East Midlands.

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