Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Aims and objectives

  • To bring together doctors, academics and members of the public so each point of view has equal representation in arriving at designing research questions.
  • To host a series of online meetings for the purposes of carrying out this work.
  • To define what it is we don’t know, and to provide researchers with clear boundaries to help them frame their thinking.
  • To create an environment where different people with different special knowledge can exchange ideas.
  • To develop opportunities for interested members of the public, together with the BHF Cardiovascular Research Collaborative to become informed about our work, and to contribute their voice.
  • To develop ways that involved members of the public can influence research.
  • To collaborate, where possible, with similar initiatives in other countries to maximise the impact of research into these areas.

This initiative will use the skills of the BHF Data Science Centre to develop designs for clinical trials, and to enable people to communicate through the BHF Cardiovascular Research Collaborative Microsoft Teams system.

The ultimate goal of this initiative will be to develop a national consortium of interested, passionate and involved people with an interest in making the lives of those with heart disease a better life.

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