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10th May - Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Target Wound Infection Event   

  • What is a wound infection
  • A patient's story
  • How do we monitor wound infections after heart surgery
  • Can we prevent wound infections


22nd June - Shared Decision Making Workshop 10:00 - 16:00

The Cardiothoracic Interdisciplinary Research Network and the National Cardiac Surgery Clinical Trials Initiative are working to develop a decision support tool for individuals diagnosed with coronary artery disease. It will help individuals affected by coronary artery disease and everyone around them, be it their family or healthcare provider, to make decisions surrounding healthcare, together.

Have you ever experienced a heart attack - are you a patient, carer, or healthcare professional interested in improving the patient journey and experience in those affected by coronary artery disease, if so we are seeking initial input into the tool’s development and invite everyone with an interest in decision making, better communication, and improving quality of life to attend.

Please register by 9th June - attendance is free

Discussion topics will include

  • Input into the development of Decision Support Tool
  • How can the Tool improve communication
  • How can the Tool improve Quality of Life


27th June - Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Target Wound Infection Webinar 13:00 - 16:00

When a wound becomes infected after heart surgery, the consequences can be enormous.  That is why we have completed a preparatory study investigating which practices reduce the risk of having an infected wound after heart surgery. If you have experience of this, or know someone who does or if you are interested and want to know more, we would like to invite you to an online discussion where we will share our results, ask for feedback, and discuss what we are recommending.

Please register by 12th June – attendance is free  

Discussion topics will include:

  • Problems to consider around infections in heart surgery
  • What is stopping practices that are known to prevent infection
  • Things that could help allow surgery without developing an infection
  • Actions that could improve the monitoring of wounds
  • The patient as a researcher – what’s stopping this and How can we make this happen

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