American Studies @ 21

To celebrate twenty one years of the Centre for American Studies, we bring together twenty one faces from the Centre’s past and present, both staff and student, to share their thoughts on what makes the Centre so special.

Andrew Johnstone

The students – and their limitless interest in all things American, whether history, literature, politics, film, sport or music – make the Centre the fantastic unit that it is.

Linda Benson

As American Studies Secretary for 18 years, it has been a privilege to see the growth of the Centre and, in particular, the expansion of the North America year abroad programme.

Catherine Morley

American Studies for me is all that my brilliant, exuberant and eccentric students bring to it. Through them, I get to read work on the cadences of hip hop, be bop and jazz; I get to immerse myself in the politics of style and fashion in the writing of Anita Loos and F. Scott Fitzgerald; I get the chance to get lost in the labyrintine prose of William Gass and David Foster Wallace; and I get to answer pub quiz questions on presidential hair, presidential teeth and presidential knees. American Studies at Leicester is 21, finally of age, but showing no signs of losing its youth, vigour or humour.

Amy Bentley

My time at the Centre for American Studies, although a few years ago now, continues to play a huge part in my life with the friends I made there still by my side. Academically it was stimulating and challenging and I’d do it all again if I could.

Robyn Wilson

You could study medicine and be a doctor, you could study law and be a lawyer, or you could study American Studies and be whatever the hell you want. Enter the American Studies department with a twinkle in your eye and leave with a head full of fairylights.

Cameron Bonser

The Centre’s smaller size means that the friendly, approachable lecturers are never far away. Whether it's for essay advice or just an informal discussion, their incredible subject knowledge is there to be shared with you. You’re not just a face in the lecture hall with the Centre for American studies at Leicester.

George Lewis

CAS represents everything that university life should bring: a supportive learning community of engaged students and collegial staff, cutting edge research, innovative teaching, and, of course, the best pub quiz in Leicester.

Deborah Toner

The Centre of American Studies is the warmest, funniest and most generous community of colleagues and students I've ever been part of - here's to the next 21 years!

Sarah Graham

Discussions with AS students have broadened my understanding, developed my teaching, sometimes challenged me, quite often made me laugh. I hope it has been as rewarding for them as it has been for me.

Alex Waddan

Sometimes captivating, sometimes frustrating, the American story is always compelling. And there is no better place to learn about and really get to understand the history, culture and politics of this experience than the Centre for American studies at Leicester.

Lizzie Rowberry

Studying American Studies at Leicester gave me great memories, lasting friendships, and a love of learning that goes beyond my degree. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Charlie Coad

This degree has given me a huge insight into America's history and political system. My cultural awareness has been expanded immensely and I am looking forward to applying my education to life after university.

Terry Corps

American Studies at Leicester: brings out the frontier spirit in you (even in the Peak District).

Zalfa Feghali

Our Centre is where students come to get a broad, interdisciplinary academic education. It’s also a place where I’ve made lifelong intellectual friends.

Brian Ward, former BAAS President

Congratulations to the Centre for American Studies at the University of Leicester on 21 years of excellent teaching and innovative research in so many areas of American history, culture and politics. The Centre and its staff, past and present, should be very proud of their contribution to the development of American Studies in Britain.

James Campbell

Our students have attended more than 30 different universities across the United States for their year abroad. When they return to Leicester, it’s always great to hear about the amazing range of their (sometimes life-changing!) academic, social and cultural experiences.

Gemma Robbins

Being stretched academically while making amazing friends means my years at the Centre are ones I always look back on with a smile.

Guy Barefoot

The genuinely inter-disciplinary nature of the Centre for American Studies means that students broaden their knowledge and understanding by studying American history, literature, politics and film but also by exploring the relationship between the different disciplines.

Ciara Barker

Studying American Studies at the University of Leicester was great! The inspiring, approachable, and supportive staff went above and beyond to not only teach us engaging content but also gave us the guidance we needed to build our confidence, resulting in success both during and after university.

Nick Everett

A big thank you to all my students and colleagues in the Centre for American Studies for 21 years of friendship and learning.

Martin Halliwell

The Centre for American Studies has been my academic and intellectual home for 19 years. It always gives me space to think and room to breathe.