About the University of Leicester

Membership 2023-2024

The President and Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)

  • Nishan Canagarajah (Chair)

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)

  • Henrietta O'Connor

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors (ex officio)

  • Philip Baker (Research and Enterprise)
  • Liz Jones (Education)

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Heads of College (ex officio)

  • Thompson Robinson (Life Sciences)
  • Lisa Smith (Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities)
  • Sarah Davies (Science and Engineering)

Dean of the Doctoral College (ex officio)

  • Richard Thomas

University Librarian (ex officio)

  • Steve Williams

The Director, Research and Enterprise Division (ex officio)

  • Ian Forristal

Academic Registrar (ex officio)

  • Nuala Devlin

Heads of School or Department (ex officio)

Department/School Name Term ends
Archaeology and Ancient History Huw Barton 31/07/2024
Arts, School of Catherine Morley 01/03/2025
Biological Sciences, School of Alison Snape 20/11/2026
Business, School of Dan Ladley 31/07/2026
Cardiovascular Sciences, Department of André Ng 31/03/2024
Chemistry, School of Steven Bull 15/01/2027
Computing and Mathematical Sciences, School of Leena Sodha 12/03/2027
Criminology, School of Emma Sleath TBC
Education, School of Chris Wilkins 31/10/2024
Engineering, School of Ljiliana Marjanovic-Halburd 14/11/2026
Genetics and Genome Biology, Department of Jacqui Shaw* 31/12/2024
Geography, Geology and the Environment, School of Stewart Fishwick 29/11/2026
Healthcare, School of David Wright 30/09/2025
History, Politics and International Relations, School of Krista Cowman 31/07/2025
Leicester Law School Sally Kyd 31/07/2024
Leicester Medical School Simon Gay 30/06/2027
Media, Communication and Sociology, School of Catherine Morley TBC
Molecular and Cell Biology, Department of John Challiss 31/08/2023
Museum Studies, School of Tilly Blyth 31/12/2026
Physics and Astronomy, School of Simon Vaughan 31/05/2027
Population Health Sciences, Department of  Frank Dudbridge  31/12/2024 
Psychology and Visions Sciences, School of Kevin Paterson
Respiratory Sciences, Department of David Cousins 30/06/2027

Professional Services member – elected by Professional Services community (max 1)

  • Gemma Parker (2022-2025)

Nominated Members - nominated by Head of College (max 2 per college)

College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

  • Teela Sanders (2022-2025)
  • Tracey Dodman (2022-2025)

College of Science and Engineering

  • Sandeep Handa (2018-2023)
  • Mark Purnell* (2020-2023)

College of Life Sciences

  • Eamonn Mallon (2022-2025)
  • Pranabashis Haldar (2022-2025)

Other Nominated Members - nominated by Senate (max 2)

  • Jayne Marshall (2022-2025)
  • Linda Ralphs (2022-2025)

Other Nominated Members - elected by College academic community (max 1 per College)

  • CLS - Geerten Vuister (2022-2025)
  • CSE - Gabrielle Provan* (2022-2025)
  • CSSAH -Zoe Groves (2022-2025)

Student members

  • President of the Students' Union: Archie Robinson
  • A Sabbatical Officer of the Students' Union: Prachi Bhatt, Education Officer
  • Three current registered students of the University, appointed by the Students’ Union, as prescribed by Ordinance: Iman Khokar, Caitlin Hanna and Vardy Pentakota


  • Secretary: Registrar and Secretary, Geoff Green
  • Assistant Secretary: Alison Benson, Governance Office

* Senate representative on Council (showing end of Council term of office)

  • Gabrielle Provan (31 July 2026)
  • Mark Purnell (31 July 2024)
  • Jacqui Shaw (31 July 2024)
  • Catherine Morley (31 July 2024)

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