Visits to your country

Academics, staff and official representatives of the University of Leicester regularly attend student events all over the world. These events provide a fantastic opportunity to have your questions answered by our team and find out more about studying in the UK at Leicester.

We update this page throughout the year, so please check back regularly to see our latest upcoming visits.


Date Time Event and location Representative
Wednesday 20 June 2018 13.30-16.30 The Pre-departure Event of University of Leicester, Guangzhou 
British Consulate-General Guangzhou, 22/F Guangzhou International Finance Centre, 5 Zhujiang Road West, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
Please send the email to to reserve the seat!
报名请发送邮件到 确认席位!
Euphie Kuang
Sunday 24 June 2018 13.00-18.00 JJL Wuhan Summer Education Exhibition
5/F, Xinhua Novotel Hotel, 558 Jianshen Road, Hanjiang District, Wuhan
Euphie Kuang
Monday 25 June 2018 10.30-11.30 NOVO Wuhan Student Interview
31/F, Xinshidai Business Center, No. 456, Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
报名电话:+86 (27) 87706032
Euphie Kuang
Monday 25 June 2018 14.00-15.00 EIC Wuhan Student Interview
41/F Zhongnan Business Plaza, 7 Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
地址: 武汉市武昌区中南路7号中商广场写字楼41层 
报名电话:+86 (27) 8725 9300
Euphie Kuang
Sunday 30 June 2018 10.00-16.00 JJL Beijing Summer Education Exhibition
Beijing International Hotel, 9 Jiangguo Mennei Street, Dongcheng, 100005 Beijing
Euphie Kuang