Sociology at Leicester

Research students

Name Supervisor(s) PhD title
Sarah Adams
Dr Michelle O'Reilly and Dr Khalid Karim   
Self-harm in primary aged school children in England: the voice of the professionals, parents and children
Rayya Al Barazi
Dr Patrick White
Abdullatif Alhaj Omar
Dr Ian Somerville and Dr Bernhard Forchtner

The United States Government Counter-Terrorism Messaging Strategies
Second Year of Study

Yosra Aljadani
Professor Henrietta O'Connor
and Dr Matt Hart
 Female students experience of cyberbullying on social media at King Abdulaziz University - Saudi Arabia 
Tala Alnoweisser
Dr Michelle O'Reilly  Political Instability and its Effects on Parental Approach in Supporting their Children’s Experience and Understanding of the World: The Lebanese Context
Jitinder (Bob) Athwal  Professor Jason Hughes
Samuel Belkin  Professor John Goodwin
and Professor Jason Hughes
Your Coworker Undressed: Tattoos, Identity, and Stigma in the American White Collar Workplace
Third Year of Study 
Taylor Brooks  Dr Bernhard Forchtner
American Nativism: A Corpus-Driven Discourse Analysis on Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in National Broadsheets
Hatice Cecen Celik  Dr Michelle O'Reilly  

Qualitative Analysis of Bullying: Examining the Views of Children, Parents, and Teachers

Chak Chan
Professor Jason Hughes 
Christina Chelioti  Dr. Michelle O'Reilly   
Irina Cheresheva  Dr David Bartram 

William Davis  Professor John Goodwin and 
Professor Henrietta O'Connor 
How Native Americans Became the ‘Invisible People’
Janet Davis  Professor John Goodwin
Professor Jason Hughes and 
Dr Michael Dunning

The Sociogenesis of a Village 

Jerson Del Rosario  Dr Patrick White
and Dr David Bartram

Cultural capital, stratification and educational practices in the Dominican Republic

Alison Drewett  Dr Michelle O'Reilly
and Professor Terry Brugha
A Video Reflexive Ethnography Study of Staff and Autistic Patient Communication in Hospital Ward Rounds in Mental Health  
Laurence T Droy  Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown and 
Dr Patrick White
Formal Models of the Social Dynamics of Female Genital Mutilation: Critical Examination and Development using Agent-Based Modeling (ABM)
Peter Emmerson
Professor Jason Hughes and 
Dr Michael Dunning
Retiring: a process approach 
Alan Fisher  John Williams  'Against Modern Football'- A socio-historical investigation of supporter contestation at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. 
Susan Forseille  Professor John Goodwin
Maria Gonzalez-Aguado 

Lucelle Henry  Professor Jason Hughes  Revolutionising communication for development. 
Steven Holmes
Professor John Goodwin   
Zara Hooley  Professor Henrietta O'Connor  A critical examination of the role of social support structures in the lives of lesbian-led families. 
Jeffrey James    
Professor Steve King   
Erika Jarochova
Dr David Bartram   
Hatice Kayman
Professor John Goodwin   
Sabrina Khan
Dr Patrick White
Cliff Lightning  Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown and 
Dr Patrick White
A theory of social science and the evolution of a Darwinian sociology
Monica Mapp  Professor John Goodwin
Profane or Sacred? A Sociological Investigation into the Usage of Religious Symbolism in Fashion 
Matthew Mcintosh
Professor Jason Hughes   
Rod Moore Professor Jason Hughes and Dr Michelle O'Reilly

Innovation, controversy and social change: a study of the impact of e-cigarettes and alternative nicotine delivery systems (ANDS).  

King Sau Ng  Dr Pierre Monforte  Civil society and liberalism: the exploration of conservative civil society organisations in Hong Kong. 
Laurie Parsons
Professor John Goodwin  Norbert Elias and gender: the sociogenesis and psychogenesis of gender relations in works of fiction, 12th – 21st century
Iain Riddell  Professor Steve King  The impact of kinship on the United Kingdom’s societal development: 19th Century kin networking patterns arising in Grampian. 
Olivia Rose  John Williams  A sociological study of social support and goal attainment among high school track athletes in Jamaica. 
Jonathan Sly       
John Williams 
Sagar Uttam Sonawane
Professor John Goodwin
Highly skilled Indian Migration and non-migration 
Ramakrishan Subramaniam  Professor Steve King and Professor John Goodwin
Are IT entrepreneurs More likely to Retry Entrepreneurship than Non-IT Entrepreneurs?
Asmail Sulaiman    Inventing Apps: The case of the incubatees at iCentre Brunei. 
Charlotte Sutton  Dr Patrick White Does age matter in Higher Education? 
Pamela Wilson    Polarisation and shared space in Turkey. 
Zahide Yildiz  Professor Henrietta O'Connor
Dependent migrants who migrate from Turkey to the UK. 

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