Professional services staff

All telephone numbers are prefixed with +44 (0)116 XXX when calling from outside the University.

Name Position Telephone Email
Miss Siobhan Brocklehurst  Timetable Co-ordinator  223 1631     
Mr Dan Cox Programme Administrator (Undergraduate) 294 4882
Mrs Sangeeta Parmar Administration Assistant (Undergraduate)
Mrs Khala Harrison   Administration Assistant (Postgraduate)   223 1614 
Mr Andrew Kapadia Programme Administrator (Postgraduate) 
223 7986 
Mr Simon Poole Operations Manager
Mrs Lydia Rowell
Programme Administrator (Postgraduate) 229 7986
Ms Neelem Singh Programme Administrator (Undergraduate) 373 6259
Ms Carla Starmer School Administration 223 1627
Ms Nell Stewart Programme Administrator (Postgraduate) 
Mrs Nita Sudra Administration Assistant (Research degrees) 229 7986