Sociology at Leicester


RoseRose completed her PhD in Sociology in 2015 and secured a position as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Bristol.

Why did you choose to study Sociology at the University of Leicester?

I applied to Leicester to study for a PhD as a Graduate Teaching Assistant which allowed me to undertake doctoral research whilst also teaching undergraduate modules. During my Master's I'd been lucky enough to teach at the University of Derby and knew that it was something that I really enjoyed, so when a PhD studentship that guaranteed teaching experience came up I jumped at the chance. I was also keen to have Dr Jane Pilcher as my PhD supervisor as I had read her work during my undergraduate studies and thought I could benefit from her guidance.

How has studying Sociology influenced your career choice?

Studying Sociology at undergraduate level was what made me realise that I wanted a career in academia. I had suddenly found a place in the world where thinking and asking questions was celebrated and encouraged. Sociology brought me into the realm of academia but studying for a PhD at Leicester is what has enabled me to make a place for myself within it.

How has Sociology shaped your view of everyday life?

One of the most important aspects of Sociology is the way it requires you to question what would otherwise be taken for granted. I've always been motivated by social justice and had an interest in politics and feminism, but Sociology has given me the language I need to describe and critique what I see around me. In that way, Sociology is hugely empowering.

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying Sociology?

Sociology is a hugely important subject, but its wide-ranging relevance is sometimes overlooked when students are considering subject choices. Studying Sociology helps you to develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary in every aspect of life, from work and politics, to personal relationships and leisure. Studying Sociology also helps you to understand why the world works the way it does, so you don't just feel like life is happening to you. The knowledge and skills you gain from studying Sociology ensure that you can take an active role in shaping the world around you.

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