Sociology at Leicester


DeepakDeepak graduated in 2007 from BA Sociology and became Programme Leader for International Education.

Why did you choose to study Sociology at the University of Leicester?

The University of Leicester had and continues to have an excellent reputation for student support and its outstanding quality of research. I had already dedicated hours and hours of research to finding out as much as possible and after the open day, it was safe to say that my mind was made up! The campus was just perfect, everything was close and there was a real nice and friendly feel about the place.

How has studying Sociology influenced your career choice?

Sociology has given me the opportunity to reach a whole range of career aspirations and targets. It has been the driving force behind becoming a Programme Leader for International Education. Not only is Sociology the subject I teach and love, it's also the foundation for me having a true understanding of my students' needs as global citizens in the 21st century.

How has Sociology shaped your view of everyday life?

The skills developed during the study of Sociology have helped me progress in so many ways, such as the improvement in my communication skills and my general level of confidence. I have changed so much as a human being as a result of the development of my sociological imagination. Initially, Sociology was the forum to ask questions about the things around me; eventually it started giving me the answers. Not only that, I discovered that there were thousands of possible answers and that there were many who thought that the question wasn't worth asking in the first place!

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying Sociology?

Sociology has provided me with so many chances in life, academically, professionally and personally. Just go for it, the more time you spend contemplating, the more chances you are presenting for someone to steal your place!

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