Sociology at Leicester


Upon graduation you will also join a wider alumni global network of over 180,000 graduates, providing you with a broad professional network. Find out more about the University's Alumni Team.

Alumni destinations

After undertaking an Alumni Profile Project, we captured positive student experiences and career destinations of past Leicester sociology students. These profiles will give you a better understanding of where a degree in Sociology at Leicester can lead. 

Charlotte (MSc Social Research) - Graduate Teaching Assistant

Read Charlotte's full profile

Rose (PhD Sociology) - Teaching Assistant

Read Rose's full profile

Oli (PhD Sociology) - Lecturer

Read Oli's full profile

Deepak (BA Sociology) - Programme Leader

Read Deepak's full profile

Elaine (BA Sociology) - Community Missioner

Read Elaine's full profile

Simon (BA Sociology) - Head of Learning and Development

Read Simon's full profile

Graham (BA Sociology) - Chief Executive

Read Graham's full profile

Kim (BA Sociology) - Recruitment Consultant

Read Kim's full profile

Lucy (BA Sociology) - Member Relations Assistant for Nationwide

Read Lucy's full profile

Edward (BA Sociology) - Public Relations

Read Edward's full profile

Kylie (MSc Social Research) - Lecturer

Read Kylie's full profile

Jessica (BA Sociology) - Economic Regeneration

Read Jessica's full profile

Mark (BA Sociology) - Teacher of Sociology, Social Studies, and Citizenship.

Read Mark's full profile

Laurie (BA Sociology) - PhD in Palliative Care

Read Laurie's full profile

Richard (BA Sociology) - Lecturer

Read Richard's full profile

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